(…) on the other Hand Didi Bruckmayr, Austrian singer extraordinaire who holds a PhD in economics, reduces himself entirely to the acoustic guitar on his latest release. However, “Dr Didi – Songs” (Extraplatte), has little to do with a classical singer-songwriter concept. What the head-fuckhead created with the congenial guitarist and composer Peter Androsch in […]

At the end of this trilogy was “Pittbull Boogie” by Didi Bruckmayr and Peter Androsch aka Dr Didi. Their brilliant duo-album was released in 2004 and is called “Songs”. Michael Frank in seiner Sendung Soundchek Österreich im Deutschlandfunk am 30. 9. 2006

That was “PittBull Boogie” by Didi Bruckmayr and Peter Androsch aka Dr. Didi. Didi Bruckmayr on vocals and Peter Androsch on guitar. Their brilliant duo-album was released in 2004 and is called “Songs”. Michael Frank in der Sendung Tonart im Deutschlandfunk Kultur am 10. 10. 2006

Nothing more than this. Bernd Preinfalk, double bass, Peter Androsch, guitar, and Didi Bruckmayr, vocals. Nothing more, and that is what is so wonderful about this CD. The three artists from Linz strum, babble, tell stories. 22 gems fill the new CD Dr Didi – New Songs that was just released on Extraplatte. You will […]

Didi Bruckmayr, vocals, Peter Androsch, guitar and Bernd Preinfalk, double bassist, tell stories with and without words on their current CD “Dr Didi – New Songs”. About lust for the moon, and New Economy Assholes – the assholes with their share-holder values, then back to the moon that drunkenly sinks down into a yellow river. […]

You definitely need a lot of self-confidence to begin a CD with a piece such as “Parlando”. As inviting as the minimalist rhythm of the plucked acoustic guitar sounds, as frightening is the voice, that sounds as if Klaus Nomi’s restless ghost is suffering a severe panic attack. The guitar is played by Peter Androsch, […]

Last year it was “Songs”, this year “New Songs”, and both times it was the same concept: Into the studio, place the microphones and the recording begins. Every recording session yields a full-length CD. Peter Androsch, a classical composer with a past with Monochrome Bleu and Camorra, meets Didi Bruckmayr (PhD in in economics), who […]

You should never miss out on a live-performance of the tattooed Didi Bruckmayr. He holds multiple doctorates in economics and is considered a personality in the Austrian music scene that cannot be contained. His extreme vocal range enable him to move freely from deep and dark tones to high and screeching screams. This eccentric artist […]

The performer Didi Bruckmayer and Guitarist (and composer) Peter Androsch have – together with the double bassist Bernd Preinfalk – produced their second CD. 22 miniature atmospheric images tell short stories, create horror scenarios, and find their way to lyrical declaration of love. Nothing is the same, every song is a surprise, a shock, something […]