SRA über Dr. Didi

Last year it was “Songs”, this year “New Songs”, and both times it was the same concept: Into the studio, place the microphones and the recording begins. Every recording session yields a full-length CD. Peter Androsch, a classical composer with a past with Monochrome Bleu and Camorra, meets Didi Bruckmayr (PhD in in economics), who is known as a singer and performer with Bruckmayr, Fuckhead and Wipeout. While “Songs” was recorded as a duo, for “New Songs” the two were joined by the double bassist Bernd Preinfalk, who gives the recording more depth, yet also more warmth. Didi sings as he has always done, and digs deep into his immense repertoire, as a charming crooner, as a vocal acrobat, as a quiet singer-songwriter, and as personified fury. Intimacy and escape, pared with loveliness, illusion and irony, an experience in which leaving things out is virtuosity. A quiet masterpiece! SRA Archiv, 2/2008