Dr. Didi

When Dr Didi was founded in 2006, it combined three strikingly different artistic personalities, Peter Androsch, Didi Bruckmayr and Bernd Preinfalk. Androsch (peterandrosch.at) is active as a composer, mostly in the context of musical theatre, as well as as the founder and head of the Hörstadt. Bruckmayr (myspace.com/bruckmayr) is know for his performances, formed by Fuckhead and Wipeout. Preinfalk is a composer and sound researcher from the border to the Czech Republik.

Perfected Musical Worlds

Perfected musical worlds was what the Italian “Gionale della Musica” called Dr Didi’s music. Peter Androsch (Guitar, Melodica), Didi Bruckmayr (Vocals) and Bernd Preinfalk (Double Bass) construct a fascinating worlds in between Death Metal turned Lied and a skeletal operetta version of classical blues. (Falter) In “Pasticcio” on the radio.station OE1 Wolfgang Schlag claims:

“Peter Androsch writes like Man Ray when he created the first Dada piece, together the three musicians construct a new form of chamber music: tender, wild, obscene and melancholy.”

Due to their lack of amplification a certain intimateness is created with the audience. As if she were talking about Dr Didi, Eleonore Büning described Androsch’ work in the Frankfurter Allgemeine as: A great accomplishment: For that is what is easy, that that is hard.