il giornale della musica, 11|08

You should never miss out on a live-performance of the tattooed Didi Bruckmayr. He holds multiple doctorates in economics and is considered a personality in the Austrian music scene that cannot be contained. His extreme vocal range enable him to move freely from deep and dark tones to high and screeching screams. This eccentric artist is at home in the underground as well as in the avant-garde and has had guest appearances with significant ensembles, such as the Klangforum Wien. It is highly recommendable to spend sometime on his homepage at Along with the guitarist and composer Peter Androsch and double bassist Bernd Preinfalk, the artist takes the listener on a journey shaped by the dismantling of song-structure within the pop-matrix in 22 short tracks recorded live without any manipulation or over-dubbing. These miniatures develop into ironic and complete musical worlds accompanied by a stylistic repertoire that seems endless in its vocal cabaret: The alienation of blues into avant-garde, buzzing/murmuring, screeching with virtuosity, and yet lyrical, and measured, Gothic and experimental, tender and sharp.