Jazzzeit 71

The performer Didi Bruckmayer and Guitarist (and composer) Peter Androsch have – together with the double bassist Bernd Preinfalk – produced their second CD. 22 miniature atmospheric images tell short stories, create horror scenarios, and find their way to lyrical declaration of love. Nothing is the same, every song is a surprise, a shock, something to smile about, nothing gets passed the listening unheard. Bruckmayr presses every note out of his throat, loses himself in operatic passages, sings as carefree as a choir boy, whispers as eccentric and malicious as Tom Waits and screams.  All this is supported by Androsch’s congenial guitar, it squeaks, is plucked, or hammered with chords. Preinfalk takes the double bass to its limits, cramming out the lowest and highest tones possible. A wonderfully fresh conglomerate of songs! (rudolph)