Der Falter about Dr. Didi

You definitely need a lot of self-confidence to begin a CD with a piece such as “Parlando”. As inviting as the minimalist rhythm of the plucked acoustic guitar sounds, as frightening is the voice, that sounds as if Klaus Nomi’s restless ghost is suffering a severe panic attack. The guitar is played by Peter Androsch, the voice belongs the exceptional performance artist Didi Bruckmayr, and together with double bassist Bernd Preinfalk, the three are the unconventional chamber music trio Dr Didi. However, you should not let yourself be scared away by the opening of “New Songs”, recorded entirely on one afternoon in a living-room-studio. It is a CD that opens a world in between death metal turned Lied and a skeletal operetta of classical blues. And no worries: The Nomi gone haywire reference is only a small aspect of the vocal facets of Dr Didi. Gerhard Stöger im Falter, Wien 1/2/2008 vom 9. 1. 2008