Radio Ö1 Bericht

Didi Bruckmayr, vocals, Peter Androsch, guitar and Bernd Preinfalk, double bassist, tell stories with and without words on their current CD “Dr Didi – New Songs”. About lust for the moon, and New Economy Assholes – the assholes with their share-holder values, then back to the moon that drunkenly sinks down into a yellow river. Little happens behind Bruckmayr’s comedic yet melancholy voice.

Peter Androsch writes the way Man Ray created his first Dada piece. He tells us: One day I sauntered through the streets of Paris with Eric Satie. We passed an abandoned household-store with its doors left open, a few random things were scattered on the streets. Satie picks up a piece of metal and a small wooden box. I brought glue along with me to my current exhibition and made my first dada-piece.

Wolfgang Schlag im Pasticcio im Radio OE1 vom 4. 12. 2007