In Effigie

Three musicians consistently drive their work in the fields of single pitch music and polyphonic music further onwards. They achieve an atmospheric density that cannot be punctured. An overtone universe hovering above a mysterious sound-light continuum is created using organ point, the sound of the room, and “analogue visuals” (- usually hundreds of candles).

Duration: ca. 60 minutes. Requirements: A church, or a different space with long echo.




The program is based on the three CDs “Songs”, “New Songs” and “Slow Songs”. Thrumming, shrivelling, babbling, strange gems. You will be confronted with lieder, or anti-lieder, little pavanes and polonaise in between. Maybe a children’s play, then a horror audio book. Between you will wander from one sound space to another, little chambers will open into great halls, following glistening light along skewed walls, back into a gloomy closeness. You will be given space to spontaneously writes a series of mini-novels. ( based on Wolfgang Schlag)

Duration: 60-80 Minutes. Technical requirements: Space for 20+ people, no amplification, atmospheric lighting.




The program is a long overdue homage to the titan Wystan Hugh Auden (1907-1973). The Pulitzer-Prize winner wrote libretti and texts for Igor Strawinsky, Hans Werner Henze and Leonard Bernstein, amongst others. His poetry was also made into an icon in film (“Funeral Blues” in “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, a sonnet in “Gruppo di Famiglia in un interno” by Luchino Visconti or “Letters from Iceland” in “Away from Her”). “Himmel” is an evening-filling concert program with atmospheric light-design, – ideal for foyer, rehearsal- or studio-stages, experimental space, and the like.

Duration: 60 Minutes. Requirements: Space, simple light-design, rudimentary amplification.